I am Ayushi, a girl from a loving Indian family. A marketing enthusiast and law graduate, I am passionate about creating stuff online, sharing my thoughts and information on everything that crosses my mind.

This space is used by me to share how I feel about what the world thinks, believes and says and how such thoughts, beliefs and declarations affect my life. I might discuss the little challenges I have overcome in my life and the major hardships people face that I feel grateful I had never have to face. The words are my thoughts and not presented to argue or disrespect any person. However, I would be open and grateful for any feedback or responses I receive about what I put down.


I also write about what I learn to be a better marketer every day.


Also check out my portfolio if you have the few seconds and have come here to hire me. As before, feedbacks would be welcome, and also, I remain open to new project opportunities. Much love!


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