I am Ayushi, a Law Graduate, Marketing Enthusiast & Blogger

Henry David Thoreau said – Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

I am passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes my days better. I belong to a loving, middle-class family in India and was brought up in Chandigarh.

Surrounded by lesser developed cities of Himachal, Punjab and Haryana, like Delhi, it is a magnet for the immigrant Kashmiris and North Eastern students. I recently completed a Post Graduate certificate in business from New Zealand. The exposure to such diversity kindled my urge to know more about different cultures, people and their thinking processes. Being born and brought up in a city that is so full of life has formed a significant part of my life. I have always liked to explore new places and mix with different people.  


I have an interest in football and painting. I was the girls’ team captain for the football team at my boarding school and represented the school in different competitions for activities such as folk dancing, painting and sports. I was a part of the online news channel for our school and a member of the environment online. I was always interested in studying Law. I believe that to know what the law states can make a person very powerful and aware of the risks and rights in every field of life, both on personal and professional fronts.

This blog is used by me to share how I feel about what the world thinks, believes and says and how such thoughts, beliefs and declarations affect my life. I might discuss the little challenges I have overcome in my life and the major hardships people face that I feel grateful I had never have to face. The words are my thoughts and not presented to argue or disrespect any person. However, I would be open and grateful for any feedback or responses I receive about what I put down. Much love!

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