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How to make money on YouTube

It is said that knowledge benefits best when shared. Hence, we come today, to share some with you. Here’s to let you know the best strategies on how you can make money on YouTube.

Whether earning a side income or an aim to become a billionaire, all you need to learn is the right way of marketing yourself on YouTube and the right topics to pick as per your target audience. 

Much like other social media service platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, YouTube has a very wide customer reach.

Did you know that YouTube reaches more than 2 billion users around the world, with a watch time of 250 million hours per day (Spangler, 2019)? 

Gone are the days when making money and becoming popular on social media was only for professionals. Practically almost everyone who uses the internet accesses YouTube, irrespective of the country they live in or economic status they live by. Videos being the best way to engage your audience. 

Follow these best-known strategies, as found by us after years of experience for earning income through your YouTube channel:

Use those subscribers


With live content and life stories becoming popular in social media marketing, getting the support of influencers will highly benefit brands, since this can help targeted customer connect emotionally with brands.

With the right content targeted towards the right audience, gain those subscribers and their loyalty. Gaining viewer confidence helps you pitch for sales, thus having different companies come to you for help. This is the most known and widely used strategy to earn through YouTube. Your reach and content quality affects the return on investment the investor would make when reaching out to you. Hence, when aiming to become an influencer, select your niche and get going with high-quality original content. Get those followers and have them follow your word as they follow your videos.

Cover yourself legally

Cover your videos with the right to use. Never have the love of people for you go for granted. Take care of it legally and consistently and surprise yourself with how that loves blooms.
The last thing you would want once becoming viral on social media would be someone else using your videos with no benefit or credits given to you in return. Get the viral content licensed. This way people pay you when reusing your content on their pages or channels. 

Get into that partnership

Use the YouTube Partner Program to earn from the ads that come onto your videos while people play them. EARN WITHOUT CREATING MORE VIDEOS! After having 1000 subscribes for your channel and 4000 hours of watched videos, you can register yourself in the said partner program. Once that is done, you will start seeing ads on your videos. But remember that irrespective of how many video views you receive, you will be paid per click or on full view of the ad that shows. Nothing if it is skipped. Hence again, keeping your videos relevant to the targeted niche would have a high advantage.

With YouTube Premium coming in, while it removes all ads, you can be paid with regards to the number of views people give your videos. Imagine being paid for the premium views of your videos, while also earning from ads on non-premium membership. Although it sounds sunshine, it has proven to be one of the most difficult ways of earning through YouTube.

Crowdfund your creative project

Creating high-quality videos like music videos with professional production is not cheap. Crowdfunding would refer to getting investors to invest in your project for buying equipment and other things for the creation of such videos.  

When you have an idea and intend on creating original videos out of fresh ideas, you can ask people to help you with funds. Crowdfunding is done based on two different models. The first being the investment-based model, where people invest in your idea and then get returns as per the profits you earn through it (more like equity holders for a video). Second is the donation-based model where you can return the worth by way of providing people with some of your products or rewards. The top three websites for crowdfunding as per Forbes are Kickstart, Indiegogo, and crowdfunder.

Get some fan fund support

Quite similar to crowdfunding, fan funding creates a permanent stream for accepting donations. Not like crowdfunding, this donation is asked for based on all the previously created content. Hence, creating a beautiful portfolio and then having different amazing ideas will encourage fans to donate.

This would require you to constantly work on your channel and gaining customer loyalty. This will be possible solely by creating content that interests the targeted audience and makes them get their wallets out. So, providing more rewards and recognising the difference they have made will play an important role. Make sure you give a report to your fans on how their funds were spent and such donors are super easy to lose.

Sell your products

Last but not the least, some people get onto YouTube to finally reach this step. Sell your products and services through YouTube. With an amazing reach, this would be creating your own brand image via distribution of products. You could relate to the idea if you know the brand "Being Human". A charitable trust that is run by the very popular Salman Khan also runs a clothing line in the name. This helps people remember the brand and create an image, while making them buy from it, therefore proving loyalty.

Hence, it is not just the product revenue that is gained, but you also gain your audience’s trust by delivering the promised products. Apart from the said, sales will help you have a better reach by creating another platform via which people land up on your YouTube channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going and become the online star to earn some dollars for yourself!

You just found some tricks on how to do stuff. What videos you create would highly affect the traffic you engage with. Not sure about what to do next? Do not have so much time to invest? Call us now and we will help you and your business shine on social media platforms like the star that you are!

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