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Best ways to deal with stress

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Do you suck at chilling? So Do I! So, today I decided to not suck the life out of you with lengthy words. Simple and straight. Everyone. Yes, everyone is waiting for a vaccine so we can finally get out of walled spaces again, fearlessly.

Mommy is tired and has stopped waking me up early. I know she is also tired of cooking pakodas for us every evening.

Hence, wake wake late = late lunch = less food. Simplified!

When we were new to this, we (the two pakoda eaters) were all pumped up and used suitcases and gas cylinders for weightlifting. But hello? Why the muscles if we can’t show off? Relax instead?

Hence, no social interactions = No exercise = Too much weight gain.

Worst of all, an app got banned. We loved that app. We would dance on songs and fake cry with virtually created tears. So, what I am going to do by waking up early anymore anyway? Thank God, deliveries from online shopping began!

Hence, nothing to do = sleep and eat = too much weight gain = working from home = too much shopping = parents scolding = children shouting = boyfriend fighting = girlfriend fighting = too much talking = no more talk = STOP! STOP! STOP!

Here I come to save the world! I thought I will do some research, get back on track, and make a list. Why? Because I AM OBSESSED WITH LISTS! And also, these hacks help. Believe me, I have tried them all.

A pill of the chill for such times, and other times, because you know when the lockdown ends, we all have to go back to work (LOL!). Huff! Life is never easy.


Source: Unsplash, by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production

Yes. Not because I love lists, but because lists propose a purpose. If you are working from home, this will help you schedule your day. However, if you are like me and do not have anything to do, create tasks for yourself. Before you sleep, make a list of things you have to do the next day. This will not only help you be more organised but will also help you stay focused. This takes me to the second point being, follow a hobby.

2. Do what you love.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/book-printing-letters-shield-3218480/

Get paint and a brush, even if you cannot paint the sun round. Get a pen even if your poems don’t rhyme. Set loud music and dance it out if you want. Switch on a YouTube channel and do some home workouts. Research shows that following a hobby can help you relax better, thus leading to low stress and keeping away low mood. Further, group activities can help better relationships. So, if you think you are not very close to your parents, this would be a very good opportunity to create those bonds. I chose to fry some pakodas with my mommy and began to write.

3. Stop procrastinating

Source: Wix Media

I can relate when you say you will start exercising from tomorrow, or that you will create your list tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Do what you have to and do it now. Having to do stuff is in itself a task. Do not create another task by having to remember to do it. Get up and finish it. Feel the satisfaction that you get after finishing a task. Again, if there is nothing to do, find things to do. Maybe wash those fans or fix that light bulb.

4. Avoid distractions

Source: Unsplash, by Marvin Meyer

While I am someone who gets anxious without my phone in my hand too, try keeping away from techs a couple of days. Only take important calls and use them for work. It is tough these days because all we mostly do is check out our social media pages and play video games. If you cannot, try focusing more on watching inspirational videos on platforms like TED. I say this because I played PUBG for about three hours to remind my brothers that I am a part of their lives and ended up having a headache. It requires a high level of attention. While it is important to keep in touch with the news these days, do not get yourself into games and media all day. If you cannot stop, try cutting some time out.

5. Follow a routine

Source: Unsplash, by Laura Chouette

Much similar to making a list, know what you have to do beforehand. Set a time for stuff. Take a bath after you wake up instead of waiting for lunchtime. If you like bathing in the afternoon, then take a bath in the afternoon every day. Have your food on time. Set and follow a timetable. Although I have asked you to keep yourself busy, do not be so busy to not have time for yourself. While making this routine, make sure you take a couple of hours for yourself. I know it will be tough in some situations like if you have little kids or are working from home. However, make sure you have time to take a deep breath and care for yourself.

All suggestions have been tried and tested. Continue doing these for at least two weeks and you will feel the change.

Much love!


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