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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

They say human needs can never be satisfied. While I begin to jot down this one, I would like you to know that I have just rushed out of a room in anger because my demands were rejected by my parent. Confessions - I am incredibly stubborn and headstrong. Also, I am in my late twenties and still listen to my parent (the beauty of being parauri). I often get the desire to see myself from the world's eyes, for everyone is perfect in their own way. However, everyone lacks certain things from someone else's perspectives. I believe to be very clear about my weaknesses and qualities that become unacceptable to the world, even still, I often desire to know how different I am for different people in both physical and behavioral regards.

It fascinates me when I notice how a person makes different reputations with various groups of people while managing to keep one's behavior and habits constant. In any case, I like to believe that every person manages to push himself to grow in positive ways, but everyone’s growth speed varies. I also think that we cannot avoid destiny, and what happens in a person's life makes him what he is. The path eventually takes everyone towards a happy end unless he gives up on the way. For, pulling the petals of a flower before time never helps it bloom but tears it apart.

Source: Unsplash, by Serge Kutuzov

I have come a long way and was an entirely different person ten years ago. For those who would know me personally might even smile while reading this. I no more bunk classes and stay out in the evenings. In fact, my transformation has led me to become a homebody from a party animal. In today's time, I feel self-satisfaction has a powerful link with outer desires and problems (I know I would sound like a sadhu right now). People have stopped differentiating between what they want and what the world wants them to be. One wants to fit in and manages to visualize all the scales of perfection created by the rest of the world, but fails to create one for himself. People analyse their happiness based on such scales.

It took me more than ten years to come by this understanding that was stated by Lord Buddha ages ago. Still, it is a situational reminder, and I feel it is essential to have this rule while we live – “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection”.

Source: Unsplash, by Mattia Faloretti

I write this for all those who have lost the ones they love, whether they left willingly or unwillingly. This is also for those who have spent or are planning to spend time on impressing others. This is for those trying to have the courage to stand up for themselves or for someone they love. This is for those who think it is essential to have an iPhone for the world to believe they are worthy. This is for those who are not valued enough at their workplace or respected at their home. This is for those who are stuck at home and can not work. This is for those who lost their jobs. I have been in every one of these situations in my life, and I know if you look around, you will notice millions do not have what you have. Out of what all you have today, much of it was dreamed of by you when you were younger. Keep at it. Know your worth. Love yourself. Reject fear. Remember to smile. Despite the rain and the bright sun, your time to bloom is about to arrive.


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