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I recently got hit with memories of my childhood while trying to write a poem. Although I did write it down, it was a really short one and could not fit the storm that came into my head.

Hence, I decided to fit it into one of my blog posts.

The most cherished memory is of the time I was a child and went to play. Irrespective of how bad my day went, 5 PM was the beginning of a whole new mood every day. Starting from Hopscotch, then moving to games like Chain-chain and kho-kho, and then to gallery and hide and seek, we grew up. Finally settling for walks in the park and chit-chatting with friends, the ways of chilling changed.

This here is me, on a winter evening doing the chit-chat. This one is from 2002. WOW! I feel old.

We used to play in a park, but mostly on a street, absolutely giving no importance to the need for the quiet of the people living inside those houses of the street or the cars wanting and waiting to cross it.

Not just a reason to step out of the house, the time from 5 PM to 8 PM was seen as an opportunity to experience the most relaxing time of my life for me. Just a group of six-seven children having fun with no care of the world.

We used to play this game called Gallery. It was not my favorite, but I miss it the most. It is now on the verge of extinction like some others (Pitthu, Kancha, Chain, and Hopscotch) because screens have become so affordable and common. I have always seen PUBG and Counter-Strike as a threat to the happy lives of Indian children. Kids these days remain unaware of the little happy moments we used to get when playing outside.

Times have changed. And so have we.

Talking of screens, as Facebook changed its desktop appearance, I found myself switching to the older version again and again. It kept switching me back to the new one so I slowly get used to it. It kept reminding me that the new version has additional features, so I see benefits and force myself to change. When recently asked by Facebook as to why I keep going back, I responded with the statement “no one likes change”. I bet I would have been thrashed for being stubborn if Facebook was a person. Still, it knew that I will move to use the newer version soon, and I did. Hence, the final fact would remain that no one likes change. It is difficult, but not avoidable.

This here is an undefined stone structure we called a "jhoola" and enjoyed running through for absolutely no reason. 🧡

The concept of change is much like the concept of inertia. Imagine the force required to hit a golf ball from the ground and compare it with the force required to stop a moving one coming towards you. Human behavior is quite similar. Starting something new is always easier than changing an old habit. Much illustrated these days by our desire to walk out of our houses without masks.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

-Charles Darwin

I would agree. It is important to change as time changes. However, I feel we have come too far in the name of change. Moving away from homes when we grow up and moving into a bigger city has become a trend in our country. Our cultures and values are changing too. I feel it is important to monitor one's change. Sometimes, sticking to some habits becomes as important as bringing change in others. What do you think?

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