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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

They say we are free to make the choices we want, but we cannot be free from the consequences of the choices we have made. Gone are the days when people woke to "dantamanjan," and kids went out to play stapoo and hide and seek on the street. We now prefer to respect everyone's privacy by ringing the phone before we ring the doorbell.

I live in luxuries as I choose to start my day by brushing my teeth with a plastic toothbrush. I decide to bath using a plastic bucket because I want to save water by not using a shower. I then have breakfast in plastic plates, some of the food coming out of a plastic refrigerator. After breakfast, I try to write on my plastic laptop because I want to save paper. Did you know it takes about eight huge trees to produce not more than two thousand pounds of paper?

Anyway, if I am not in the mood, I watch a television series on the laptop or my plastic television. If I am not stuck inside the house like these days, I prefer to drive in my car. No silly, my car is not made out of plastic, or I would not be here typing. Driving on Indian roads is not easy considering the vehicles' population, let alone in a plastic car waiting to get crushed and crumpled. However, did you know one-third of a car's parts are made of plastic, and the total number of parts in a vehicle can go up to thirty thousand? Enough of the plastic talk, I believe.

Source: Unsplash, by Jasmin Sessler

Now, I am not even talking about the air pollution I am creating per day (for now, I might have to make a self-assessment first as this topic has been eye-opening for myself as well). And yes, I prefer using cloth bags over plastic bags, and I call it a start. We have definitely developed our lifestyles a lot to make our lives way more comfortable. Now I know the human impact on the environment is not unknown, but one cannot put away the topic just like that (since I have just started writing, I knew this was coming). Looking at my own everyday activities and requirements, I would say plastic has become as essential as air.

So, what’s new here? It is indeed, (the most famous these days) the Corona-virus. We can now actually find a Wikipedia page on the impacts of Corona-virus on the environment. I feel it is amazing how nature has managed to lock humans inside their dens while animals have slowly started feeling free to wander; by the generation of fear as a response to the threat humans have been giving. Yes, now I can mention some air pollution as well.

Source: Unsplash, by Nariman Mesharrafa

However, I would like to put more light on the water because we can be better at Nemo. Believe me, he is waiting for us. We have the ability to ruin the area, we do not even have houses in. After all, nobody wants their waste collected in their own home. So, we like to through it over to our neighbors, except the neighbors can sue us. Did we know the fish cannot sue us? Yes. Because clearly, if they dared, we would just eat them. Hence, we decide to through our waste in their houses and eat them anyway, because we can. We have all heard about the plastic island.

“This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.”

― T.S. Eliot

We fail to recognize the whisper even as it gets louder. One can argue that it is not nature but humans that have come forward to take themselves to their end. As a surprise to myself, I like to believe nature will give us another chance. This will not be the end but a warning. A warning that is provided by the circle of life and death can turn if we do not behave. A presentation of how capable the Earth is in itself to recover and that she does not need us, but we need her very much.

Source: Unsplash, by Kukuh Himawan Samudro

Unbelievably everything can be effortless if we make it. I feel all we need to do is go back to our older ways. The older Indian methods teach us to eat vegetarian and avoid dealing in animals as food. The older ways also teach us to use wood and metal even if stuff gets a little heavier to carry. It teaches us to go out, away from screens, and enjoy the world as it is. It calls for us in the forests having adventures and in the rivers bathing. It calls for us to respect our elders and not leave them alone in their need. It calls for us to teach respect by joining hands even in front of enemies and staying humble. It calls for us to do our chores on our own, by putting us in a situation much like the banvas that Lord Ram was in. Ayurveda has, after all, claimed to have a medicine that the whole world seeks. It is time India tells the world that the son-chidia was not only gold because of the gold mines but also because of the teachings and knowledge we carry. All we have to do is be proud of it. Stop being a “ban china” person and start being “sandeha rahit bharatiya.”


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