• Ayushi Kalia

Dancing Souls

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Source: www.unsplash.com

Born in the same world we cried out loud,

Oblivious of the fact we weren’t same.

For before we came, we had a session

with the god and weren’t informed about this game.

The game had rules all wanted to change,

Yet played it as they had forever.

They branded us with a range,

And thought they were so clever.

The range was made around our bodies,

Some on the colour of the skin,

while some on the parts that we carried,

and even on the fat and the thin.

Some had rules on our parents’ wealth,

while some on the names the families had.

Some were about education and health,

while the rest on the place we were born at.

They said we came from different gods,

As we had different names.

How must have we told them,

We sat together before we came?

We heard and smiled,

as our parents did too.

Since the time was changing,

and all of us knew.

This won’t last long and the love will spread.

We will sit together to have the same bread.

If not in this world but after we die,

as god had not known of this huge lie.

But we shall love while we are here,

to tell that we sat together there.

To show that the parts don’t matter,

our souls shall dance very soon together.


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