• Ayushi Kalia


Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I had to go out, so I got dressed.

Not for the world, but myself to impress.

I knew I could look, the prettiest that ever was.

Fresh like the water, with fragrance of the rose.

Stepped out the house, with those heels on.

The top a little loose, the jeans a little torn.

As I walked the road, I felt a noise behind.

I turned back to look, with no one to find.

It was probably the sound, of the thoughts in my head.

For the news it was, that morning I had read.

Of a woman in my street, been attacked and left.

In the shrubs near my home, she lied and wept.

She lives today, but I know she is upset.

Feeling vulnerable, with anger and threat.

I continue to walk, as I am not chained.

By the unbridled desires, not taking the blame.

I however, look back more.

Hear the footsteps, and cannot ignore.

The voices in my head, & the loose top.

Those ripped jeans, and the heeled clogs.

Now I wear them less, when I go out.

As she wore the same, when she faced the pounce.

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