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Sugary Chicken

“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.”

- Jim Rohn

Beginning with the moral of the story, today I write because I was told by a fourth doctor to stop having sugar. No, I do not have diabetes. I am not even obese. Simply for skincare.

So, i thought I'll do some research. Did you know that apart from being a major cause of heart attacks and having a hand in causing diseases like diabetes and obesity, sugar leads to many more changes in our body? It causes a hike in glucose levels leading to mood swings, stress, and fatigue. This hike also feeds yeast and bacteria to cause infections. And for the beauty conscious, it accelerates aging and causes acne.

Source: Unsplash, by Robert Anderson

Sugar was first introduced as a medicine. To be taken only for curing diseases. It was not a part of everyday meals. Replacing honey, sugar was first refined from Sugarcane in India in 100 A.D. It then has a very long history. However, today it has transformed from a medicine to a disease. Many scientific pieces of research prove sugar to be addictive in nature.

You would question why I would blabber so much if our ancestors have continued to include sugar in their diets from ages.

Our diets are changing, and so is our lifestyle. Working in the fields and running errands in a house without machines is not how we live anymore. Genetically modified food was not heard of from those who began to include sugar in their diet.

When taking a philosophical turn on food, I noticed that it is an ignored subject. Although some recent philosophers link food with its source of production to talk about human and animal rights (which is definitely a point worth considering, I would say, that would be just one perspective to look at it). Socrates has said, "an uninformed life is not worth living". Hence, I would call it philosophy to become aware of how what we consume impacts our own bodies.

Although I would discuss human and animal rights later someday, I would like to put more emphasis on how knowing what we eat can change our daily choices. And how such changes can result in a better version of ourselves. After all, we are what we eat.

With the availability of options and fast lifestyle, we have made our routines more dependent on junk. I remember living alone for a year and I cooked almost only twice a week, even though I love to cook, simply because I was busy. Not to lie, the first month felt amazing, with pizzas and pies and chocolate pastries, I would gulp in a chicken every day. However, as time passed, I started craving for home-cooked food as my body started to tire of all the cheese and sugar. Surprisingly, such tiredness never came out of eating “mummy ke hath ka khana” (home-cooked food by mommy).

Source: Unsplash, by Saundarya Srinivasan

Now if I count, I would have definitely consumed more than three thousand calories a day. A woman my age with a desk job and no exercise routine would burn approximately 1200-1600 calories every day. However, adding an average workout to the day could make it go up to 2300-2500 calories per day. Therefore, leading to almost a minimum of 700 calories unburnt inside me, gaining almost 6 Kgs in three months, despite walking because I traveled by bus.

Now, imagine the girl fond of chocolates and pizzas having to stop herself from eating sugar and dairy (I have only entered my late twenties). I cannot even wish to go back in the past and improve on my diet choices because time returns for no one. All I can do is spread the word.

I returned to India about four months ago to get engaged. Wanting to lose about 6-7 Kgs in two months, I had to work super-hard. Since I was successful and looked all hot and pretty on my ring ceremony, I would like you to know that all I did was a total of a one-hour brisk walk to and from work with giving up on food coming from animals. This included dairy, meat, and eggs.

Please note that I am not a loud vegan who would force you to give up on your likes.

However, trust me if you are someone who wants to lose some weight. Try going vegan for at least a couple of months and go back to meat if that is what you want. I have an easy choice to make since my health leaves me with none.

Source: Unsplash, by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Onward. I become absolutely shameless when sharing about my past with people. Although I am not a sympathy gainer, I like people to know where I come from since that is what has made me who I am today.

My first memory of eating meat comes from when I was less than five years of age. You must know my dad passed away when I was about twelve. He was a crazy chicken eater. Since coming from a Brahmin family, we were not allowed to eat meat, my parents would sneak out in the evenings to eat chicken. And while I love the flavours in any and all chicken recipes, I have come to realised that this love for chicken also connects my emotions with my dad. I wonder if anybody would be so emotionally attached to meat as I was.

Source: Unsplash, by Artem Beliaikin

Summing it up, I would say that some of our food choices come out of habits, while some come from watching others. Some of our food choices might even relate to an emotion we will not sometimes be aware of. Some of us tend to eat more when in stress, while some stop eating because of stress. However, it has become important to watch what we eat and how it affects our lives, especially in a continuously changing world that we live in today.

Change your lifestyle if you cannot change your food. If you are too busy to exercise, take some time out to cook. If you have someone who cooks healthy food for you, thank them today, as they are gifting you with a better body and a happier life for years to come. Make your body a temple, and make yourself the priest.

Tell me what you think. Ever experienced emotional eating?


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