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The meaning of life

I found a job! Yes! And I am super happy.

All my life that I have lived so far passed in deciding what I wanted to be. I recently happen to have figured I wanted to get into digital marketing. The discovery did add some peace to my thoughts. However, the peace did not come as a whole as I expected.

Yes, I have decided what I want to do while I live. However, can I say whether that is the meaning of my life? Was I born to be a manager?

Planned as I am, I see where I want to be after about twenty years. I want to be living in a bungalow with my family, as a mother to my children, and to a German Shepherd named Thor, and a wife to my husband. Leaving for work every morning, I see myself in a suit and not having to rush. Managing everything from a marketing firm to a happy family, I tend to dream big.

Setting career goals did get me on to a path I have to walk. However, the destination would remain different from the path.

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On looking up, I figured everyone tends to define a meaning to their life as per their beliefs. Some link it with religion, while some link it with a career. Some also state that the meaning of this life is to bring another life into this world (but for what?).

Joseph Campbell, a philosopher said,

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.

Does life really have no meaning? I tend to put the meaning as a need to keep moving and improving. For me, life is development, simply because keeping myself busy and learning new things makes me happy. Sitting with nothing to do and just breathe, makes me go back to this question and hence breathe heavy.

So, is the meaning of happiness?

Happiness, however, comes to different people in different ways. All of us have separate thought processes, thus leading to separate goals in life. Still, certain factors remain the same for everyone. Some constant things that people seek can define life. These could include connecting and understanding, setting valued goals, and service.

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A wise woman once said humans are social animals. This wise woman was my science teacher at school. It is a scientifically proven fact that irrespective of fondness and dislike of people towards others or the need for the general company (introversion), every human being needs other people to survive.

Be it one’s parent, sibling, or lover, having a connection with another human being is necessary. Living a lonely life is impossible. Everyone meets others over time. Spiritually such people are called soulmates. These soulmates can be more than one. They become a part of your life, and past and future lives to either provide life lessons or emotional support.

Setting valued goals would be to decide what you will do while you live, apart from breathing, sleeping, eating, and well, going to the loo. For some these are career goals, for others these are having a happy family. As written before, mine is a part of each. This, I feel, is necessary.

The most important of the three goals of life should be to give back. To give back to people who have added value to one’s life. Also, to return to the environment what we take from it. This importance is created by the level of uncaring nature that humans have reached. I think we have started taking everything for granted. Realising the importance of gratitude is extremely necessary.

Every time I think about giving someone something that I have, and they do not, I get reminded of an incident. This happened a few years ago. I was living in Mumbai. I got a couple of burgers packed from McD’s and was returning home when a girl begged for money at the signal. I never give cash because I do not encourage child abuse. However, I always feel I should give something to the poor children.

So, I handed over a packet of fries that I got with the burgers. The girl took the fries, smiled at me, and then turned towards other children standing at the traffic light showing off the packet. I will never in my life forget that smile I saw on her face.

I almost cried. No pleasure replaces the satisfaction you can get by providing for others who can never have the luxuries that you have. Before that, I had never realised the importance of fried potatoes. We often take a lot for granted. Don’t we?

I plan to live my life to the fullest. To have that bungalow one day, not for the money it is built with but for the laughs and Thor’s wagging tail that will make it beautiful. I want to have a business I will use to occupy my time and earn resources I will use to provide for my family. I want to provide out of the extra that I have, to those in need. I want to be nice to nature and to people, for what I give will always come back to me.

This is the meaning of my life. What is yours?

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