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Thornless Roses: Recast

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Humanity prepares itself to beat a visible end. However, all we can do is get a clearer vision of what is about to come. I would ask – what really is ending - human bodies or human conscience?

This could be answered better if we could differentiate humans from humanity. However, what is the extent of such differentiation? After all, the terms sound similar. Mostly defined as the term for the human race, humanity is also said to define characteristics that make us human. According to dictionaries, these would include compassion, sympathy, and generosity. Could we then say that losing kindness could lead to loss of humanity and therefore the purpose for the existence of the human race?

At a time when nature becomes aggressive with diseases and floods around the world, why must we fight amongst ourselves? Humanity takes its last breaths in the news relating to television reporters being attacked, those relating to domestic violence, and also in those telling the stories of people feeding firecrackers to animals. Every religion teaches kindness. However, people from every religion are seen laughing at the kind ones. Yet, we call ourselves religious and fight others so that our believes in our gods survive.

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I have come to believe that we require others to think our religion prevails above all others because if they don’t, we will stop believing. After all, human minds have become habitual of requiring approval from strangers on everything we do. Very much apparent from the amount of happiness and satisfaction we get when we receive likes and shares on social media. However, I am not here today to discuss religion or I would go on and on and never stop. I am here today to discuss humanity. Kindness among animals, kindness amongst humans, kindness towards animals, and kindness towards other humans.

What really is kindness? Is it to always keeping your eyes open and helping everyone you can? Is it sharing what you have with others if you have enough of it? Is it encouraging someone to do the right thing or discouraging them from doing the wrong thing? Would kindness also to be for yourself and not just others? It would definitely be all of these. And what if kindness is not shown? Why is being generous important?

Source: Unsplash, by Daiga Ellaby

Did you know, many colleges including Harvard consider kindness on applications? LinkedIn has a separate section where you can mention the things that you care about. Countries like New Zealand consider social work as an extra star on your resume. Everyone is doing their part in spreading awareness. However, we must remember that love and care can always be shown in the little things we do, and also that actions speak louder than words.

According to the 2018 global stats of the World Health Organisation, a suicide occurs every forty seconds. Today, amongst youngsters, it is the second leading cause of death worldwide and the first leading cause for deaths in India (age range 15-29 years) [Source]. Also, every suicide requires an average of more than twenty attempts for it to be successful [Source]. So, if you thought that it was a bad moment in a person’s life and he ended it all at once, think again. He was probably going through the toughest or the most embarrassing times in his life for quite some time now. How could you help? Be there and be kind. Take the time to talk to people when they reach out to you instead of tagging them on your social media. I have had people congratulating me about something with a tag on social media, but they never spoke to me in person, or even in personal messages.

I have often been surprised of how someone these days opens up to you if you have the time to listen. Recently, someone I never spoke to before, told me her life’s story and how upset she got about things. I did not do anything but listen. I showed some sympathy and did not compare her life with mine. She went on without the fear of judgement and created a safe space for herself. Get yourself out of your phones when someone speaks to you. You will be surprised to see that how you connect with them will change. It could be a stranger, or your life partner, or your child or parent. Get out of your tech bubble and start interacting. Be sure no one leaves empty handed after reaching out to you.

Source: Unsplash, by Simon Ray

Mahatma Gandhi said –

"You must not lose hope in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

Be the ocean and clean the few drops to make your waves higher than ever. Step out and pet a street dog. Feed it bread and you will realise it will start protecting you and your house. Make a stranger smile. Appreciate your house-servant. The world craves for love. Be more kind. Be more grateful. Be more giving. Stop calculating how much to give to someone according to what you received for them. Care, not just for bodies, but also minds. Care for the animals and the air. Care for the world and yourself. Feed-in some love and discover how loved you become. Be the thorn less rose everyone wants to be around, beautiful and fragrant.

I start by thanking you for reading this one till the end. Hugs! Until next time.

P.S.: While researching for this piece, I came across a very beautiful page and thought you might want to see the most heart-warming acts of kindness- https://positivepsychology.com/acts-of-kindness/


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