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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

WHO IS BINOD? Binod is a guy who rocks because Binod does what he loves. Binod loves to comment. Did Binod think two minutes before beginning to comment his name on random YouTube videos that he would become an online sensation? Probably (or not). But I am sure he was just having fun.

Although I do not do a lot of things just for fun, much like Binod, everything good in my life right now has been unplanned. Specifically considering the lockdown situation at this time, where all my plans and schedules have moved. Human life has come to a hold. Nevertheless, this blog has become my purpose to wake up every day and create a day plan (thanks to you).

If you have read one of my previous articles, you would know that I am obsessed with lists and have everything planned before I act upon it. It becomes a pain in the @&! for my friends that I want everything booked before we go on a trip, including travel and hotel tickets, day trips, and even the food we will eat.

Always on a verge of being blamed to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and not accepting it, I am basically anxious.

Reason? I did not have the one thing planned in life that everyone claims to know about themselves - “What I want to be when I grow up”. Being asked this so many times by almost every person I met, I got so scared that when the time came, I did not decide at all. Believing that I will never be able to take back my choice, I left it on others to decide because I would have someone to blame if it did not work out for me.

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Well, now seeing a double degree graduate in social sciences and law writing blogs and learning digital marketing, you would have guessed it did not work out. Who do I blame now? Nobody.

Not my parents because I now feel that it was my choice to listen to them. Literally, no one forced me into doing anything (like ever). I know that had I sat at home for a year deciding what I wanted to be, my mommy would have not liked it but would have supported me like she did when I chose to quit law and get into marketing; thereby setting aside the theoretical knowledge I gained over five years. I would not even blame myself, because I know I was too scared and unaware at the time.

I studied law as awareness is useful, both personally and professionally. I then got scared again. Mostly because lawyers have a tuff job. The work they do can affect a person’s life to a very high extent. I admire lawyers for being the brave creatures that they are. I cannot be it. I would not sleep for nights knowing the fact that my losing an argument in a trial could lead to a life-lasting mental and financial strain on someone. I would rather try to better the society by the work I do like I am trying now (by creating this blog). Basically, getting in to do a task with lower risks.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18, Verse 50 states:

“सिद्धिं प्राप्तो यथा ब्रह्म तथाप्नोति निबोध मे |

समासेनैव कौन्तेय निष्ठा ज्ञानस्य या परा ||”

“siddhiṁ prāpto yathā brahma tathāpnoti nibodha me

samāsenaiva kaunteya niṣhṭhā jñānasya yā parā”

Lord Krishna is claimed to have said that theoretical knowledge on something is different from practice. Pandits may have reread scriptures a million times, but only the person practicing them can attain perfection at the said scriptures. Such perfection is attained with the experience of redoing tasks over and over with consistency. I do not know whether the Lord said it or not. But what is being said here makes sense to me.

Source: Wix media

I now feel that all one has to do in life to be successful is to be consistent at doing what one loves. Financial success follows, and so does happiness. Not that I have attained great success in my life that way, but I am happy where I am. Happy is all I want to be. I also believe there is no shame in doing what you do not love. For that too, requires emotional strength. However, if you are stuck doing something like that for years and rocked at it, know that you are amazing. Make sure you take out time for having fun or doing something you love.

After all, the truth remains the same. We all work for money. If money comes easy, good. If it comes hard, keep at it. But, always make sure you spend at least a part of it on yourself. Keep growing, whether personally or professionally. Know that growth will give you a purpose and the purpose will lead you to happiness. Sounds like an unplanned plan to me.

For me today, the most important thing is growth. All I aspire is to be better tomorrow than I am today. I will never ask my child what he wants to be when he grows up. I will ask him what he loves to do instead. Everyone figures things out when their time comes. I finally did.


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